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A Laughing Matter?

December 15, 2008 Comments Off

Abortion Blog quoted part of comedian George Carlin’s abortion comedy routine in defense of her pro-choice reasoning. A few years back The S.I.C.L.E. Cell did a twelve-part, line-by-line dissection of Carlin’s humor. I understand that the best way to ruin a joke is to analyze it, but some jokes deserve ruination.

Another way to ruin an abortion joke is simply to tell it. Greg Gutfled posted a Roe v Wade Joke page some time ago, with entries such as this:

Little Johnny goes up to his mother and says, “Is it true babies come from storks?” “Why yes,” says the mom. “Do storks ever have abortions?” he asks. The mother stops and laughs and then says, “Yes, but only the poor black ones.”

Why did the fetus cross the road?
Because they moved the dumpster.

I especially enjoyed one of the jokes involving Barbara Boxer. As I recall, however, at the time the post (or a version of it posted elsewhere) was swamped with comments from angry pro-choicers. Many of them objected to what they saw as Gutfeld’s implication that women didn’t take abortion seriously, a charge I don’t think I’ve seen leveled at Carlin.


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