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Congratulations Amanda

February 5, 2007 Comments Off

Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon was selected last week to serve as the new blogmaster for Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards. While I dissent from many of her views, I do not doubt that she has the talent, energy and sense of humor to thrive in the high-pressure, high-stakes world of national politics.

Those familiar with Pandagon may sense that it has not always been the most religion-friendly blog. This will likely not be a significant an issue for the Edwards’ campaign. All campaigns, regardless of party, employ large staffs which necessarily include those from every part of the religious and non-religious spectrum.

Whether there is any conflict will depend on what extent Ms. Marcotte is called upon to be the “voice” of the campaign in the blogosphere. Although it appears that she will have significant responsibilities relating to the technical administration of the blog and its various “diaries,” she’s already contributed a few posts under her own name and I assume she will continue to do so. This practice may create discomfort for her in later stages of the campaign. National candidates are generally required to assume, at the very least, a moderate and ecumenical approach towards religion. If Edwards is compelled to complete with candidates like Obama who are reputedly “comfortable” wearing their faith she might even be called upon to display outright respect for religion.

Presumably she’ll just remain mute on the topic and leave that advocacy for some more willing co-blogger. She may also elect to proceed in that manner with respect to her other differences with Edwards, regarding his support of the death penalty and opposition to same-sex marriage — although his views may well migrate closer to hers. Whatever the case, I’m confident that she’ll act with all the candor, honesty and integrity she has displayed in the past.


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