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Village Poet Sees No Artistry in Non-Blasphemous Sculpture

April 13, 2006 | 3 Comments

New York, New York, April 14, 2006
Special to The Raving Atheist

A dead rabbit encased in a block of ice was found lacking in artistic merit by a Greenwich Village poet, apparently due to its failure to communicate an obscene anti-religious message.

The sculpture was discovered by poet Gerry Gomez Pearlberg in Union Square Park after a disheveled mystery man dumped the corpse and ran away.

“I was really grossed out,” said Pearlberg, who nevertheless posted photos of the blood-filled ice block on the Internet. “If it was an art project I’m not quite sure what was artful about that,” he said.

Pearlberg’s words marked the first time that a discarded, decomposing ice-caked animal corpse was denied art status by a counter-culture poet.

Art historians credit the negative review to the display’s failure to depict Jesus Christ marinating in the sculptor’s urine or to otherwise desecrate a Catholic deity. “Even if the rabbit is interpreted to symbolize the Virgin Mary or a member of the Holy Trinity, it’s not smeared with elephant feces or festooned with vagina pictures,” said one expert. “As such, it’s completely devoid of socially redeeming value.” Columnist Michelle Malkin today joined in the call for more blasphemous art, calling for cartoons desecrating the prophet Mohammed to be displayed alongside images of Jesus Christ defecating on President Bush and the Virgin Mary coated in animal dung.

Pearlberg’s photographs of the rabbit corpse will be displayed as part of the Brooklyn Museum’s “Fuck Easter” exhibit this Sunday.


3 Responses to “Village Poet Sees No Artistry in Non-Blasphemous Sculpture”

  1. salvage
    April 14th, 2006 @ 8:38 am

    I love people whose faith in their religion is so tenuous that any sort of negative or weird treatment by an unbeliever is grounds for throwing a hissy.

    “You put a picture of my god in urine! Whaaaa!”

    “You made a cartoon of my god! Burn down the city!”

    Won’t your angry sky god punish anyone for desecrating his image (which I thought he was y’know, against?)?

    “I condemn thee to an eternity of pain and suffering because you put Groucho glasses on a statue of the Virgin Mary!”

    “Geez god, it was only a joke.”

    “Hey! I may have made humor it doesn’t mean I like it, get in that lake of fire before you really piss me off!”

    It’s fascinating how the omnipotent creator of the universe has such delicate feelings… or perhaps he’s not the problem?

  2. Jason Malloy
    April 14th, 2006 @ 11:00 am

    Pearlberg’s words marked the first time that a discarded, decomposing ice-caked animal corpse was denied art status by a counter-culture poet.

    I love it. Good eye for Malkin, too! Horray, Jesus shitting on a flag – let’s get Mo in there for the pedophilic golden shower too. Conservative Christian columnist outraged at lack of cartoon blasphemy.

  3. Dada Saves
    April 15th, 2006 @ 9:41 am

    How does Michelle Malkin find gainful employment? Can you be any denser? Hey dummy: the South Park episode was a send-up of censorship — not an example of it.

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