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If Only All Atheists Had Common Sense

April 19, 2006 | 1 Comment

[D]on’t be so condescending, Amanda, this holy man also, in this day and age, apparently believes in some ghosts in the sky. Why only mock Christianity? Are you a convert?

“Epistemology,” Commenting at Pandagon


One Response to “If Only All Atheists Had Common Sense”

  1. hermesten
    May 3rd, 2006 @ 11:39 pm

    1. It’s more efficient to mock Christians when you live in a “Christian” Nation?

    2. Of all the “big” religions, Christianity is the most childish?

    3. It’s harder to mock Jews and Muslims because they believe in fewer silly things like: a “Holy Trinity”; and Jesus as the son of God?

    4. Living in a Christian Nation, one tends to know more about Christians than Hindus, Muslims, and Jews?

    5. Living in a Christian Nation, the typical audience for one’s mockery doesn’t know enough about other religions to make mockery worthwhile?

    6. Despite very little historical suffering as a group, especially in comparsion to that experienced by the people of other religions, such as the Jews, Christians loves to feel victimized, so it’s like doing them a favor?

    7. The exclusivity suggested by the word “only” is actually a strawman, and Christians, constituting the religious majority in America, just get the bulk of the mockery?

    8. Ghosts, and all knowing/all powerful sky daddies are not the same things, and the “God concept” is inherently more mockable than the concept of ghosts?

    9. The mockery is in proportion to genuine concerns for our liberty and our wallets –Hindus and Jews not currently constituting much of a political threat to either?

    10. Because of all the possibilities listed above, it’s FUN!?

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