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March 28, 2006 Comments Off

You know how Christians assure you that that they love you and they’ll pray for you — right after informing you that you’ll slow-roast in Hell while demon-dogs feast on your flesh?

Well, atheist film reviewer Maryann Johanson of Flick Filosopher has just given Christian libertarian Ben Domenech the “Hell” part of that equation for plagiarizing her work and publishing it in the National Review Online. But hasn’t the young man suffered enough? I think it would be nice if she tried the “love” part and forgave him for his transgression, sort of like how the Pope forgave the guy who shot him. And I don’t mean the patronizing kind of forgiveness, the kind that says “I’m morally superior to you” and rubs the offender’s nose in it. Rather, the kind that reassures him that no matter what he’s done, you understand that he’s only human, bear him no ill-will, and wish him well for the future.

Unfortunately, judging by the tone of her e-mails to Ben and the National Review, Maryann hasn’t quite reached that place of healing. She’s understandably angry, a feeling no doubt compounded by the realization that the statute of limitations on copyright infringement has expired. Perhaps she could use your help in finding the words to forgive Ben. So go over to her comments section and show her how she can set an example for all atheists — I’l print the best letters here. But whatever you do, don’t go there just to read her e-mails to Ben and the National Review and gloat.


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