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God Squad Review CVLI I (Anti-Semitism)

January 30, 2006 | 2 Comments

What nuptials are complete without a little Jew-baiting? A Squad reader reports that at a friend’s wedding at a Baptist church, “the minister talked about the evil deeds of the Jews in history.” Being a Jew himself, the reader felt singled out, his wife and apparently the rest of the guests being Protestant. The Squad advises to tread lightly, and tattle:

There are two sources of prejudice: ignorance and evil. Our advice is to first confront — in a respectful way, of course — an offending minister/priest/rabbi /imam. After all, you may have misunderstood the message. If you receive no satisfaction, write a letter to the clergyperson with a copy to the chair of the board of trustees of the house of worship or the bishop. This will help teach the offender that prejudice hurts and won’t be silently tolerated.

Maybe these awkward moments could be avoided altogether if Jews just wore yellow stars to Christian weddings. That way the preacher would know he was in mixed company, and could avoid easily-misunderstood phrases like “Christ-killers” and “god-murderers.” But I also like the Squad’s gentle approach of taking him aside and explaining that people don’t like to be accused of deicide (even if the Bible clearly says they did it).

The follow-up letter is a good idea, too. With the rush to get to the reception, you don’t always have enough time to convince the presiding clergyman to change his ways. It’s especially hard if he’s also spewing racial and ethnic epithets, which tend to be rooted in more deeply-seated prejudices. But a tactful note will work wonders.


2 Responses to “God Squad Review CVLI I (Anti-Semitism)”

  1. The No God Boy
    January 30th, 2006 @ 7:17 pm

    A “faith-based” society is all well and good until someone raises their hand and asks “whose faith”?

    Try giving an invocation to satan before the next school board meeting and watch the sparks fly.


  2. Kafkaesquí
    January 31st, 2006 @ 1:54 am

    Try giving an invocation to satan before the next school board meeting

    If anyone is planning to do that would you please contact me beforehand? I’d like to videotape it.

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