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November 20, 2005 Comments Off

Can you help this girl and her mom?

My friend Ashli is doing the hard part — lending emotional support to the 15-weeks-pregnant woman to see her through a difficult time. It’s a job no government or charity can do effectively, something that can only be done one-on-one. If you poke around her blogs, you’ll see she’s done it for others, and others have done it for her, and it’s something that literally means the difference between life and death.

I’d appreciate it if you could help her with the easy part, with a few bucks. Just one less latte, one less DVD, one less whatever you can do without.

Please e-mail Ashli at thesiclecell — at — (or you can click on the link in her blog entry) if you’d like to contribute. If all goes well, in a few months there’ll be color pictures, too, and one day you’ll be able to say you knew her way back when.

[Note: The Raving Atheist will be posting lightly, if at all, from now through the Thanksgiving weekend. In the meantime, amuse yourself in the new Question of the Day.]


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