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The God Who Wasn’t There — Special Promotional Offer

June 14, 2005 Comments Off

The God Who Wasn’t There has premiered on DVD.

In addition to the title documentary, the DVD’s special features include commentary by Oxford evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, Christ-debunker Earl Doherty, and a CERTAIN ATHEIST BLOGGER you may have read (!!!)

As if the opportunity to hear me rave aloud were not inducement enough, I am offering to all who purchase the DVD a free Raving Atheist refrigerator magnet:


This handsome, deskjet-crafted blog artifact will adhere to the doors of all metal-based food cooling devices and remind you to shop and read my site. Just buy the DVD here, e-mail me the invoice number and your shipping address, and your postage-paid gift will arrive at your doorstep in a matter of days.

SPECIAL OFFER: The first reader to send me a purchase confirmation shall additionally receive Dr. Reginald B. Cherry’s “God’s Pathway to Healing


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