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2001 April

Bug Her

April 28, 2001 | Comments Off

Familiar with the Raid ads about getting the roaches where they live and breed? I’ve got a similar plan to wipe out religion in America. I’ve stumbled across these places called “crisis pregnancy clinics” — and they’re veritable hotbeds of superstition. Don’t know quite what they do, but almost all the people staffing them worship a supernatural being. Usually they babble to Him in their secret hives on Sunday, but you can catch them out in the open at these “CPCs” at other times, similarly engaged in baby talk.

Why not bug bomb them with atheist “volunteers”? I’ve discovered the perfect faith exterminator — a government worker named Shirley Setterbo. She infiltrated the Texas prison system as an employee, and after ingratiating herself with her captive audience and the warden, suddenly exposed them to lethal doses of atheism. She’s moved on to an office job in the correctional system, and chronicles her continuing efforts in her blog, AtheistExposed2.

So I e-mailed Shirley with the idea of “fumigating” a CPC in her area. I figured she could play along doing whatever they do for a while, and then BOOM, hit them with reasoned refutations of the cosmological, teleological and ontological arguments. However, although I offered cross-post her adventures on my other atheist blog, she’s somewhat reluctant:

You know . . . It’s an uncomfortable issue . . . I’m really not concrete on my views on the issue. I mean, I don’t think children should be born to parents, that don’t want to, or are not ready to raise them. So many of the federal prisoners came from just that environment. But, the whole ugliness of killing a baby is just so dreadful, I can barely stand to think of it. But, It does sound like a lively conversation starter. Let me sleep on it a night or two. I think it might, do some good, in spreading the word — “That Atheists are good people”. Shirley

Again, I’m not completely clear on what CPCs do. But I do know I haven’t seen any of this baby-killing stuff she’s apparently worried about going on at the one I frequent. Perhaps some of your “atheist” readers are more familiar with CPC cult activity and can share your experiences and address her concerns. I figure if you can convince her to go ahead with the mission, it won’t be too hard to finish the job in the remaining 48 states. Think of all the converts to our better way of “life”!

Tickle Me

April 24, 2001 | Comments Off


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